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What Vaccinations are required Dog’s?
Nobivac KC – kennel cough (yearly), Nobivac DHPPI – (3 yearly), This covers Parvo, distemper and hepatitis
What Vaccinations are required for Cats?
Cat Vacine 
Fellocell 4 – yearly 
***NO dog or cat will be allowed in kennels unless it is fully vaccinated. If your pet is vaccinated prior to its due date there is no stand down period, however if vaccinations have lapsed there is a 5 day stand down period. If you have lost or misplaced vet records, please organise a copy from the vet or have them emailed directly to us.
What if my Pet needs a Veterinarian whilst at the Kennels?
Centennial Park Kennels use Vetora at Totora Point , they have a 24 hour service   This Vet practice is only 4km from our kennels   Please let us know your regular vets if this doesn’t suit. All vet charges are to be dealt with by owner.
Can we bring own Pets own bedding or food?
Yes you may, food should be labelled and clear instructions on quantity fed and how often. Our dogs are fed 2 x daily so if you prefer your pet to be fed only once,  please let us know on arrival.
Bedding can be bought in if your pet has a preferred blanket or mattress otherwise all bedding is provided .
Can we pick up our Pet up earlier if our plans change?
Yes you may pick up earlier (during our open hours) PLEASE ring and let us know if you are returning earlier so we can have your pet ready.   There is no extra charge for early pickups if you let us know in advance. 
How often are Dogs exercised?
The dogs are let out two times for a run in the paddock   Weather dependant on how long they are out for. Refer to Dogs page on our website for more information
Will my Dog be exercised with other dogs?
Yes they will be. All dogs of similar breed and size are exercised in one of our 6 fully fenced exercise paddocks.  If your dog is not very social and you would prefer for him/her to be on their own PLEASE let us know at checkin.  If you are unsure of your dogs behaviour towards other dogs or you have any doubts PLEASE let us know at checkin as we can provide an exercise paddock for them on their own.
Any other behavioural issues or concerns you may have please discuss on arrival.

Christmas Bookings
Last drop off for Christmas bookings is 24 December 8am to 10am. No afternoon drop offs permitted. Open again morning of 28 December for pick ups and drop offs at normal times

New Year Bookings
 Last drop off 31 December 8am – 10am. No afternoon drop offs permitted Open again 03 January for pick ups and drop offs at normal times

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