Dog Kennels at Taupo Centennial Park Kennels & Cattery are cleaned twice a day. All dogs get out for morning and afternoon excercise. every day. Taupo Centennial Park Kennels & Cattery have 32 indoor kennels and 8 large outdoor Kennels.

During their stay dogs are exercised twice in our fenced grass paddocks. They are let out in our fully fence secure area with other similar sized dog and breeds. If your dog does not play well others please let us know at the time you check in so we can ensure safety all our dog guests including your own.

Whilst dogs are our exercising all occupied kennels are thoroughly cleaned. Kennel’s are cleaned out twice daily ensuring a clean hygenic environment during your pets stay.

Feeding is done twice a day for all dogs.
If your dog has any special dietary requirements you must let us know a few days before they are due to stay, to ensure we have time to arrange food with you. If special diet, dog owners can arrange to bring own food (enough for duration of stay). There is NO difference in price for the stay if bringing own food.
Dog food provided by us is a quality dry food, we can replace with wet food upon request.

Pet drop off and pick up times are only available during our opening hours.

Special Requirements

If your pet is on any specific medication we can administer this on your behalf. Please ensure clear instructions and information is on the medicine before checkin, just in case we need to recheck with a qualified Veterinarian. Please note there may be additional charges depending on additional care your pet may require. You are welcome to bring your pets own bedding and favourite toy. We do not take responsibility for any of these items.

Pick up & Drop off’s

Pets can only be dropped off and picked up during opening hours. When dropping off please remember to ensure your dog has a collar. We need to be able to move the dogs around the kennels especially on arrival and departure from the Kennels. Note depending on the drop off and pick up time you chose half day costs may apply. Fill out the booking/Quote to check price and availability today.

Compulsory Vaccinations

If you do not have proof of vaccinations for your pet then we will not be able to house your dog. It is important for the safety of all pets staying with us we can identify they are vaccinated. If unsure contact your Vet today and get a Vaccination Card. If you are a regular customer we can keep the Vaccination Card on file.

Open Times

8.00AM TO 10.00AM

4.00PM TO 6.00PM

7 Days a week



Small Dog    $22.00
Medium Dog $24.00
Large Dog    $26.00

Half Day

Small Dog      $11.00
Medium Dog  $12.00
Large Dog     $13.00